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 Robin Forrest is a UK based Composer producing high quality, original music for film and television tailored exclusively for your needs and budget.

"Without music, life would be a mistake"

Friedrich Nietzsche
If you're the kind of producer that immediately reaches for the library music when you get to the edit suite then you may as well stop reading now. If, on the other hand, you appreciate originality, craft and creativity then you're in good hands. I will work diligently to create the music you need for your production to stand head and shoulders above the rest and I operate on a buyout basis so, once created, it's yours forever.
Why use library music that is 'sort of' right when you can have music tailored to your exact needs…'drums need beefing up?'…no problem, 'I like it but the strings are getting in the way of the V/O'…no problem, I'll mix them down or lose them altogether…Nothing is a problem.
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